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Losing your hair is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Many men find it difficult, but for women, whilst some can embrace it, other’s feel it’s devastating. I’m amongst the latter, suffering from an auto immune condition where my hair line has slowly disappeared never to return. I’ve had days when I didn’t even want to leave the house and had always rejected the idea of a wig as I felt they were so obvious. How wrong was I?


Cora ordered several wigs for me to try and when we found the right one for me, she cut it into the perfect shape for my face. They all seem to come with far too much hair so you have to see beyond that!!! I really can’t thank Cora enough as now my whole life has changed, I don’t worry about going out or sitting under bright lights, I’m not worried when it’s windy outside. Best of all I’ve had so many compliments. Yes, it’s true that my close friends realise it’s a wig but equally there have been the same amount of people who have been totally surprised when I’ve told them it is. If you’re worried about your own hair just contact Cora & Co.


Cora doesn’t put you under any pressure to buy anything - and who knows it may turn your life around too.

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